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Product information and documentation such as TDS, company news and contact information etc. can now be found on Our customers in North America will still be serviced by the same local sales teams, technical teams and sites in Montreal, CA and Fort Worth, TX. Their contact details remain unchanged.

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About Us

Socomore – North America* key figures

–   More than 60 years of aerospace market experience in Canada and 45 years in the United States

–   A product range approved by more than 40 aerospace worldwide key players

–   2 American based supply chain teams : 1 in Fort Worth (Texas, USA), 1 in Montreal (Canada)

–   1 manufacturing site in the USA , 1 long-term manufacturing partner in Canada

–   12% of the group turnover (based on 2012 turnover)

–   15 people dedicated to innovative product developments

–   Local teams supported by 170 people worldwide, 10 other subsidiaries network that supply products in more than 50 countries

* including Dysol Inc., Dynamold, Inc. and Magchem, Inc.

Over the last few years, Socomore has been fortunate to join forces with several well-established North American companies (MagChem, Dysol and Dynamold). Together they now constitute the Socomore group in North America, which develops, manufactures and sells specialty chemicals across the world, primarily for the aerospace market. Socomore believes that local customers are best served by local forces through local R&D, technical support, supply chain and sales teams as well as manufacturing and distribution platforms.

Socomore and its subsidiaries offer a complete range of specialty chemicals to treat, protect, and prepare metallic and composite assemblies used in aerospace engine and fuselage manufacturing, maintenance and overhaul. All of these products have won numerous approvals from worldwide civil and military aerospace manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada, including such companies as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, de Havilland, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, GE, CFMI, Snecma, Turbomeca, Air Canada, Bell Helicopter, Lufthansa Technik and Air France Industries, among others.

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in aerospace surface preparation needs, Socomore provides innovative technologies and solutions to address regulatory changes and process evolutions. We also help our customers comply with Health, Safety and Environmental regulations such as replacement of CMR (carcinogenic, mutagen or reproductive hazard) or chlorinated products.

Our History

2013: Dysol and its subsidiary Dynamold join Socomore

2011: Socomore acquires Magchem

2010: Initial investment in Dysol and Dynamold by Socomore

2009: Socomore and Dysol become business partners through
the Aerochemicals’ alliance

1992: Dysol (Texas, USA) begins operations

1972: Socomore (France) begins operations

1968: Dynamold (Texas, USA) begins operations

1946: Magchem Inc (Montreal, Canada) begins operations


Our Product Offering:

  • Degreasers and cleaners
  • Moldable shims/replication and Nondestructive Testing Material
    To find more information about Moldable shims and specialty sealants, please visit or contact us
  • Paint strippers. (gel type or to be used in immersion)
  • Protection including CIC (Corrosion Inhibiting Compound), Chemical milling maskants, TPC (Temporary Protection Compounds)
  • Sol-Gel
  • Solvents
  • Surface oxides treatment including: Descalers, Deoxidisers, De-waxing, Engine line
  • Presaturated wipes
  • Water based lubricants

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Degreasers and cleaners globe globe
Moldable shims and specialty sealants globe
Paint strippers
Surface oxides treatment
Technical wipes
Water based lubricants