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Filling the needs of the commercial and military aerospace industries.

For more than 40 years, Socomore, Dysol and Magchem product lines have been filling the needs of the commercial and military aerospace industries:

  • Aircraft Manufacturers (OEM) and their subcontractor such as metallic or composite parts manufacturers.

Our products treat surfaces during part manufacturing operations, assembly of parts or Final Assembly Line (FAL) to clean, degrease, deoxide, reactivate, phosphate, protect surfaces with milling maskants, temporary protection (TPC) or anti-corrosion compound (CIC), to de-mold composite parts.

  • Aircraft engine manufacturers

Our product ranges enable degreasing, stripping, deoxidizing, descaling or converting of surfaces.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) key players or airlines maintenance services

For engine: Magchem & Socomore solutions meet the cleaning needs for engine parts and APUs (Auxiliary Power Unit) in cold & hot sections. They aim to improve your productivity and the final condition of the parts, while optimizing operational costs. Our solutions, based over 40 years’ experience in our specialty, are approved by engine manufacturers

For fuselage maintenance: Our range includes paint strippers, aqueous degreasers and solvents, deoxidizers, CIC (Corrosion Inhibitor Compounds) and adhesion promoters (before painting or bonding).

For equipment maintenance (wheels, brakes or landing gear): technical cleaners and strippers

What kind of issues can we help you to solve?

Issues we can help you solve.

  • Remove specific soils or contaminants
  • Solve any corrosion or paint adhesion problems
  • Find a product that meets a specific approval
  • Find a product that is compatible with specific materials
  • Reduce your VOC emissions
  • Reduce your time cycle