Please be advised that has been redirected to, the global website for the Socomore Group, including the group that constitutes the Socomore Group in North America (MagChem, Dysol, Dynamold brands).

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Product information and documentation such as TDS, company news and contact information etc. can now be found on Our customers in North America will still be serviced by the same local sales teams, technical teams and sites in Montreal, CA and Fort Worth, TX. Their contact details remain unchanged.

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The following are some of our key business and corporate partners:

Aerochemicals AEROCHEMICALS: Aerochemicals is a dynamic alliance of international specialists in specific markets within the aerospace industry, providing a wide range of critical chemical products, services and technical support. Aerochemicals provides a worldwide customer service network with over 17 manufacturing locations, 40 sales offices, 25 laboratories and 1000 staff.
CONTEC CONTEC: Leader in the development of solvent wiping, with a focus on reducing solvent utilization and improving surface preparation. CONTEC has a manufacturing location in the United States that presaturates our formulated solvents designed for the aerospace needs. CONTEC is a founding member of Aerochemicals.
HAAS-FINECHEM HAAS-FINECHEM: A recognized company which provides chemicals and environmental management services in different industries. Based in China. Member of Aerochemicals.
METAL CHEK METAL CHEK: Leader in development, production and commercialization of consumables for NonDestructive Testing (NDT). Based in Brazil. Member of Aerochemicals.
NYCO NYCO: NYCO is a worldwide recognised specialist of aviation lubricants and synthetic esters that has developed its extensive know-how to provide highly valuable solutions in various areas, from military lubricants to specialty industrial applications.
Oemeta OEMETA: Oemeta is a leading manufacturer of coolants and cutting fluids. Based in Germany. Member of Aerochemicals.
PEXA PEXA: The recognised supplier of high technology materials to the aerospace and defense industries. Based in UK. Member of Aerochemicals.
PSA PSA: The world leader for hygiene and cleaning products for cabin interiors. Based in France. Member of Aerochemicals.
TESTRON TESTRON: Joint-stock company providing a full range of services, equipment and materials for NonDestructive Testing (NDT). Based in Russia. Member of Aerochemicals.
SAE International SAE International, formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a U.S.-based, globally active professional association and standards organization for engineering professionals in various industries. Principal emphasis is placed on transport industries such as automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. The Society coordinates the development of technical standards based on best practices identified and described by SAE committees and task forces. Task forces are composed of engineering professionals from relevant fields. Socomore and its subsidiaries participate in numerous workgroups including the CE, G8, G9, J and P Committees which document broadly accepted engineering practices or specifications for a material, product, process, procedure or test method.